It was like Christmas when the Imperfect Produce box arrived!

I don’t quite remember when I first saw information about Imperfect Produce, but I knew it was an amazing idea!

Did you know that the average person wastes around 1 pound of food a day!? Which adds up to 150,000 TONS a year! You know when you go to the grocery store, with the intention to eat better. So you pick up that salad mix, all those vegetables with some fruit? But, a few weeks go by, and you forgot about those healthy things? You find them, rotten at the bottom of your fridge. It’s, ok, we’ve all been there!

While you are shopping for those healthy options, have you noticed how you shop for them? You pick out the bad ones and keep the good ones? Have you ever thought about where the super ugly or not perfect ones are? Well, they get thrown away. Thrown away before they hit the shelves.

These fruits and veggies are known as too imperfect for the shelves.

Yes, you read that right. Fruits and vegetables have to look perfect on the shelves. Nothing to do with how they taste. So Imperfect Produce came up with a plan!

It’s super easy to order and customize! You can order just fruit, just vegetables or a mixture.

You can also buy other amazing products through their website! All of these things are cheaper than the grocery store! AND it gets delivered right to your door! Oh, and the delivery is awesome too! They send you a link and you can see right when your driver arrives! It was so fun to watch the little dot on the map get closer.

As soon as the little dot arrived I met my awesome delivery person at the door. He was there with my freshly packed product box! I brought it upstairs to our apartment and opened it up. The only thing that I could see that may be “imperfect” was the apples. They were too small for the shelves, but perfect juicing or snack size! OR, if you like to bake, make apple pie! Which I actually might be making soon!

Are you interested in your own box? The boxes are fully customizable! You can use THIS LINK to save $10 on your box today! If you order and love it, let me know!

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