FAVORITE SWEATSHIRTS to stay warm this Winter!

They perfect sweatshirts for winter and layering as the temps lower!

Layers are your friend when the temperatures dip, right!? I LIVE in sweatshirts, as they are soooo comfortable! So I am going to share my favorite sweatshirts, that I live in, for the chillier months!

1. Full-Zip Hoodie from Gap.com

I got this one a few years ago from my Mom for Christma! Since then I have LIVED in it! Its the perfect throw on when you first wake up, wear sleeping while camping, and layering under your coat! This one is close to what I have! My favorite part is the thumb holes! Right, ladies, we LOVE sweatshirts that cover half your hands!?

2. My Made Wild Sweatshirt form Wondery Brand!

This sweatshirt goes with me on every adventure! It’s super soft, lightweight and the grey covers up any dirt I may get on it! This sweatshirt is going to be with me until it falls apart!

3. This Asymmetrical Fleece from Abercrombie.com

I rarely shop on Abercrombie, but they have come so far since I was in High School! I have TWO of these and I LOVE them!

I have a size Medium to wear around the apartment on the chillier days, and a size Large to layer while shooting! It’s the perfect length to not ride up while we photograph our clients.

4. Lake Effect Chase More Sunsets Sweatshirt

Lake Effect has so many amazing sweatshirts! I have been wanting a Chase More Sunsets shirt for a while! As Justin and I LOVE to watch the sunset! I wear this a lot too! It’s so soft and light enough to layer! Another one I am DYING to buy is the Cabin Fever Sweatshirt!

I hope these help you stay warm this Winter!

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