CAMP FOOD | What to eat!?

August 27, 2019

We get asked a lot about what we eat when we camp and travel. I also see it a TON on facebook! People asking for camp recipes!

What do I always say? What do we make while camping?

We cook as we do at home! Yup, same things as we make at home! But, I am going to tell you some of the things we do to make it easier!

Our favorite meals?

Chicken Curry! If we can we will cook the chicken before we leave home, makes it SOOO easy when making at the campsite! We also bring a jar of curry or tiki masala sauce – whichever brand is your fav! This also makes it SUPER EASY! We then add our veggies to it – usually red peppers & broccoli! Then we will eat it over instant rice! Minute rice or boil in bag rice is the easiest to prepare.

Tacos & Burritos! You can easily make the mini burritos before you go, wrapped in tin foil, and heat over the fire. This is what we do if we are on the road for a long time, it’s the easiest and fastest to prepare when you are HUNGRY! OR you can make it all on-site!

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One day we made them in a pudgy pie maker and they were soooo good! Just bring your favorite hot sauce, salsa & sour cream to eat it with! Or make burrito bowls with rice to make them a little more filling!

Other go to’s:
  • Cast Iron Steaks with skillet fried potatoes & veggies
  • Fire-roasted brats & hotdogs with a side of chips!
  • Cast Iron Burgers with a side of choice! I actually want to see if we can make french fries over the fire once!
Food must-haves that we bring:
  • Smore stuff of course!
  • Packets of Cholula
  • Coffee with creamer
  • Wine & beer – sometimes whiskey 🙂 A camping must right!?
  • Sandwich stuff for quick stops! Usually, tuna as we put the tuna in a bowl or chip bag with mayo, cheese & pickles. We’ve eaten this on the side of the road or on the trail so often! So easy to pack & eat! Especially if you buy the tuna packets!
    • We will often grab a few mayo and mustard packets from a gas station over buying a whole thing. Easier to pack 🙂
Our Camp Kitchen:
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • This amazing camp utensil set! Plus our own sharp knife & a spatula!
  • These cooking sticks are the BEST for smores, hot dogs, brats and any other food on a stick 🙂
  • This MSR Windburner is how we boil water for rice & coffee in the morning! We take this thing EVERYWHERE we can as it’s the fastest way to get good coffee. Without going instant coffee!
  • The best cooler we’ve gotten is this RCTC cooler. Keeps our ice for so long! Even on the hottest days and locations!
  • Water jug for fresh water to drink, boil for food & wash dishes.

We keep our set up pretty simple as we are slowly growing our camping gear. It’s an expensive hobby!


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